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Are No Win No Fee Solicitors Worth Hiring?

This means that the lawyer gets no money if they lose the case. However, if they win the case, they are to be paid not only the normal fee which they would have usually got, but also they will be paid a success fee as well. This success fee covers for the losses that the solicitor might incur if they lose a case. This situation is called the no win no fee law. It comes with its own set of rules and conditions and obviously has some advantages and some disadvantages. Let us first talk about what exactly this law means.

No Win No Fee Solicitors

The Proper Claims Of The No Win No Fee Law

The no win no fee law applies to civil cases only. This agreement is between an attorney and a client. A client will not be charged any fees if the attorney loses the case. The success fee of any attorney, after they win the case, varies from country to country. In many countries, like the United States of America, the success fee is settled by the client and the attorney before the case is fought. However, a reasonable rate is priced in accordance with the local rules. In England, the success feel cannot be at a rate more than 100 % of the normal fee. Hardly, any attorney can charge 100% though. The success fee ranges between 25-30% of the normal fees.The agreement that is signed between the client and the attorney must be in the form of a Collective Conditional Fee Agreement. In case, you do not sign the agreement through the CCFA, it will have no legal standing against any problems or issues that might occur later. The agreement that is to be signed by both the parties becomes a legal document.

No Win No Fee

Pros Of The No Win No Fee Law

The law has been made to help the common people with their cases. It ensures that the client gets their money’s worth. If the client pays for the attorney’s fees on an hourly basis irrespective of the fact whether they win or not, there is no incentive for the lawyer to fight for the client’s case. They will get their money in any case. Therefore, the no win no fee provision makes way for diligence and hard work on the part of the lawyer.

Cons Of The No Win No Fee Law

The disadvantage of the no win no fee law lies in the fact that many a time a lawyer works very hard, in spite of which they lose the case. But, mostly attorneys refuse to take cases on the no win no fee law unless they are sure about winning the case. Besides, in most cases, the attorney only picks up those cases for the no win no fee agreement which they are most likely to win.

There is no doubt that appointing a no win no fee lawyer will be of benefit to you if you have been the victim of an accident at work and want to pursue an injury compensation case.

No Win No Fee